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Code of conduct

First Priority have been checked by several of its clients and been approved as working according to Corporate Social Responsible principles.

The clients have checked the conditions in First Priority as well as the suppliers used.

Technical design and documentation


For those customers that outsource production to remote parts of the World and carry out quite complex, sensitive for accuracy process, we prepare all the technical files that assure well understood and correct production.

On behalf of the Brand company, we make detailed technical documentation for production. People with relevant experienced in this particular field are systemizing given information to the production files:

  • Transferring designers sketches or inspirational garments into technical sketches for production use;
  • Making detailed description securing against potential “mistakes places”. No place for producer’s interpretations;
  • Preparing measurement charts based on the customers standard body measurements;
  • Doing all other needed and requested steps required specifically by the client until production takes place.

The production itself can take place anywhere in the World, Far East, India, Africa, Europe etc. The service from First Priority will give the same benefits.

Traditionally, this work has been carried out by technical people employed inside the company. But customers that obtained broader views and outsourced it were rewarded by following benefits:

  • Variable costs - Fixed costs are made variable, the company only pays, when the service is ordered and delivered;
  • Costs saving - Typically the Nordic textile branding company makes more than 50% savings on the costs when outsourcing the service to First Priority;
  • No employing issues - The Nordic textile branding company does not have problems suddenly to find new employees, when somebody leaves the company, get pregnant etc.
Confidentiality - All information is kept confidential by First Priority and no technical designers will move from one Nordic textile branding company to a competitors company and bring with him/her the gained knowledge