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Code of conduct

First Priority have been checked by several of its clients and been approved as working according to Corporate Social Responsible principles.

The clients have checked the conditions in First Priority as well as the suppliers used.

Full outsourcing service/consultancy

FP_services_04The Nordic countries are each known for their very specific designs and attitude towards fashion and garments.

Our target is to assist Brand company in such way that it can maximize efforts in the field where most added value is generated – design and branding/sales. We take care of the full sourcing process, fulfilling design ideas and market requirements in the best possible way.

The best result is achieved over a period of time, where, in cooperation with the client, all the sourcing systems are improved. And optimal sourcing in terms of quality, price, effective communication between First Priority and its client is established.

The process is ever ongoing as illustrated below:

Full outsourcing proccess