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Code of conduct

First Priority have been checked by several of its clients and been approved as working according to Corporate Social Responsible principles.

The clients have checked the conditions in First Priority as well as the suppliers used.

Collection development

FP_services_02Whenever customer is willing to have perfect product in the shop, it all starts with perfect collection development.

It is important for successful companies to make sure that designers idea is well transformed to the garment in terms of fitting, right construction and workmaship.

In order to fulfill this need, we offer our customers to have their entire collection developed with us. In such case we start with designer sketch and description.  We prepare patterns and make proto sample. Then continue with corrections in patterns and make final sample for production.

This service can be a part of a full production carried out with First Priority or can be ordered as a separate service for production Worldwide. Having all the collection developed in one place, our customers assure to have exactly same fitting, same workmanship (based on the production sample) not depending on where the mass production is taking place. It plies critical role in Internet sales, reducing number of returns due to incorrect fitting and assures identical fitting and workmanship style throughout the whole collection.

In addition, we create individual pattern library for each customer, based on which successful styles can be easily recreated or patterns can be corrected and used for future collections with lower costs for the customer.