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Code of conduct

First Priority have been checked by several of its clients and been approved as working according to Corporate Social Responsible principles.

The clients have checked the conditions in First Priority as well as the suppliers used.


We always start with analyzing present situation of the supply chain together with the customer. This helps to spot places to optimize in terms of efficiency and cost saving.

Our team is ready to take responsibility on the full sourcing process or particular parts, to make constant analyses of the processes and results, detect new places for improvement.

The services can vary from acting as a full souring services provider, taking care of all technical documentation/pattern development made from sketches delivered from the branding company, doing all procurement of fabrics/accessories, delivering the produced and finished garments, taking care of logistics/warehousing, final quality control etc. - or it can be parts and combinations of these services. It all depends on the client.

Our clients are attracted by various benefits that our services guarantee:

  • Saving costs on optimized sourcing system;
  • Outsourcing functions that previously were done in their offices – making fixed costs variable;
  • Effective communication process;
  • Having additional technical support when developing collections;
  • Relying on trustworthy partners in generating new, non-traditional ideas;

This makes the Nordic brand company able to focus on its core competences; design, sales and marketing.

First Priority + branding company = full value chain

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